Monday, June 11, 2012

Social media and the local church - can you help

One of my roles at my church is to be a deacon, which at our church means a functional role such as finances, or maintenance or missions. My role is a bit more nebulous, my responsibility to focus on the longer term or wider issues that may not be picked up by the other deacons because they don't fit anywhere in particular.

I love the role but sometimes it throws up interesting challenges. So one of my latest tasks for example is too look into how Churches use social media. We are not a particularly tech savvy church although we have a decent website and we have a Facebook page and we are slowly moving more tech in line with general culture.

However, I have some very particular questions at the moment. Does your church have a Facebook account? If so does it use it for projecting an image of the church into the world, like shops do or is it purely locked down inhouse?

I am assuming many churches do use Facebook but then the big question is; do you have privacy measures and written policies. How do you choose which photos go up? Do people have to agree to photos?

Your help is appreciated.

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