Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It makes me cry

Do you ever get through the news anymore without feeling numbed, stunned and amazement at our world?

While some countries continue to not be able to supply water, or a basic education other countries are tearing themselves apart with stone age barbarism.

Meanwhile in advanced economies we are focused on the arrival date of the next smartphone or when the first driverless cars will be publicly available. The technological gulf in this world seems to yawn wider by the day.

The global poor may finally have had their lives improved over the last decade or so with the Millennium Goals but it feels increasing like some of the global population are beginning to live space age lifestyles while many of our fellow human beings still live worse off than perhaps did many in the 1500-1600s (Elizabethan England and Renaissance Europe).

It makes you want to weep over the world.

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