Thursday, October 8, 2015


What does God think about technology?

How is technology impacting our churches, families, and personal lives?

What does it mean to be faithful in a high tech culture?

Technology is Changing Everything

It’s no secret that the rapidly-evolving world of technology is impacting everything about our way of life. From families to farming, from commerce to communication, from play to prayer, technology touches everything. Yet, with all of this rapid change, most Christians have not developed anything like a thoughtful or biblical perspective on technology.

In response to this growing need, the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture is hosting an innovative conversation about how the church should respond to this pressing cultural reality.
We have curated an exciting and diverse roster of presenters with backgrounds in technology, pastoral ministry, business, and theology to speak into the beauty, brokenness, and possibility of following Jesus in an increasingly high tech culture.

Why here? Why now?

The Pacific Northwest is actively inventing, producing, and consuming technology at an exponential rate. From Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC, the people of “Cascadia” live in a region that is host to a plethora of high tech companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Zillow, Expedia, Intel, T-Mobile, and a myriad of startups. The Vancouver, BC-based Hootsuite completes a formidable 300 mile corridor of world-impacting technological innovation and creativity.

While the rate of technological innovation is exciting, the lack of Christian reflection on technology is concerning. The church in Cascadia has been largely silent on this enormously important cultural reality. In response, below are just a few of the critical questions we hope to address during our time together.

  • How should Christians evaluate the impact of technology on their families and culture?
  • What is the church’s relationship and response to this highly technological culture?
  • How should pastors think about the impact of technology on the spiritual health of their congregations?
  • For Christians working in the tech sector, what is the significance of their careers within the mission of God?
  • How can churches better engage the tech sector with the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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